Just a little north of the Old Town main street north of North Avenue on Wells in the Old Town Triangle is Corcoran’s Grill and Pub. Great Craft beers and cocktails, Irish Hospitality, Great Food, Coach house, side-walk cafe and Beer Garden. Corcoran’s which opened in 2000 was know as the Earl of Old Town (known for it’s folk music) established somewhere around 1873 and is frequented by comedians from Second City accross the street.

The 3 story victorian brick building fits perfectly in the classic Old Town character that surrounds it. Inside the victorian double doors are Tiffany style lamps, pictures and posters of irish history, a long wooden bar and tables of all sorts. Seat yourself. We went early enough and found a great spot. Summer is more fun with the outdoor areas but winter is fun too with the charm and coziness of the different rooms to sit or stand.

We had the fried Scallops (great taste and texture and loved the chili garlic ginger jam), Poutine (perfect balance of ingredients) and the Sheppard’s Pie (again a perfect balance and taste and had to try it).

If you are thirsty they have 30 irish whisky’s to try, 14 beers on tap and a large selection of bottles and specialty drinks.

A perfect place to go for lunch, dinner, or after a show. If you want to experience Old Town this is a great place to experience.

If you love the area of Old Town Chicago and want to move here, contact me and I can help you find your perfect new Old Town home or Old Town Retreat.

Julie Anne


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